Week 1: Discussion Questions

• What is the function and value of mass media in your every day life? Do you use mass media mainly for communication, news gathering, entertainment or consumerism?

• How do you, as a consumer, pay both directly and indirectly for mass media?

If the goal of mass media was to absolutely consume my life, then mass media has succeeded. I mostly use mass media for news gathering and entertainment. I rarely use mass media for consumerism and communication. Occasionally I will post a comment on a comment section, but that is as far as I go. I don’t have a Facebook account, but I do have a Twitter account for the sole reason of gathering news, not for socializing. It’s not like I’m using to tell the world that my latte sucked, I use it for news. I have this insatiable need to always have news. In some ways it can make me feel insecure not knowing that’s going on in the world. Attempting to fill this need all the time is a form of entertainment for me. So you can see how news gathering and entertainment goes hand to hand with me. I constantly check my phone for updates from Reuters or CNN or even the White House.

I’m not just into current events; I am a fanatic for sports as well. There are countless blogs that I check for each sport. I also go to more mainstream sites such CBS Sportsline, ESPN, and Sports Illustrated. I also listen to a lot of sports talk radio. I rarely listen to music in the car. And I do watch television as well, that is the type of mass media I use the least. I enjoy watching good movies; of course I use the internet to read movie rating websites to find out if the movie is decent or not. You can use one form of mass media to get to a whole different outlet of mass media. If you just watch or listen to a program, or read something that has advertising you’re contributing to consumerism. You didn’t pay for the product, but you gave that program one more viewer or listener, or you gave that website one more hit. The advertiser takes notice to this because that determines how much they have to pay the media outlet for posting their product on that particular outlet. You can directly contribute to mass media by purchasing a newspaper or magazine.

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One Response to Week 1: Discussion Questions

  1. billu17 says:

    The way that you use mass media makes me realize how the same medium can be used for hugely different reasons, like your mention of using Twitter just as means or collecting news information.
    You also make a really good point regarding the visits to websites as a way of indirectly paying for mass media. I recently noticed that as I surfed the web, the advertisements often located at the margins or headers of web pages were adapting to what I was searching for on the internet. Even though I wasn’t spending any money whatsoever, more advertising funds were going to mass media (the internet in this case) so that companies could put their products in front of me as much as possible.

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