Week 2: Discussion Questions

• In spite of the wonderful advantages created by the Internet, what might be some of the drawbacks?

• How is digital delivery changing the communications industry? Give examples of how digital delivery is changing consumers’ habits.

The Internet’s immediacy and accessibility is what makes the Internet so great. Most of the time, everything you need is within a click. Pre-Internet days, people had to leave their homes for everything. In modern times everything can be done from a computer, iPad, or a cell phone. This convenience can be seen as a good thing for us, as consumers. But it does have a negative outlook as well. All retailers that don’t have an online store are suffering when competitors have the same product on a website. It can also be a huge nuisance when it comes to identity fraud. Everyday people enter in their personal information and everyday hackers steal that information. This has been one of the big drawbacks of using the Internet, especially while shopping on the web.

Digital delivery ties into my first comment. It changes the communications in every aspect. People are going online for newspapers and magazines instead of paying for one at a newsstand. People are downloading music online whether it is legal or not instead of going to a record store and picking up a CD. More and more people are watching movies online instead of going to the theaters or renting movies. While some businesses are thriving others are failing because they do not have a successful online venue.  It’s also changing the habits of consumers. People don’t want to pay for items anymore. And I don’t blames them when they can find the same product online for free.

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2 Responses to Week 2: Discussion Questions

  1. herringmatt says:

    I buy as much as I can online and prefer that to anything. I am not so much worried about my information being stolen because that has never happened to me, at least that I know of. I do still love going old fashioned shopping sometimes, but just so I can go home and try to but it cheaper on eBay. Good post.

  2. jmhiatt says:

    The rise of Internet shopping also greatly effects local business owners who simply can’t keep up with online retail sites such as eBay or Amazon. You’re correct to identify that a successful online venture is now virtually a requirement for a successful business.

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