Week 3 Discussion Questions

• Should copies of textbooks be available online? How would you determine the cost- if any?

• Consider all the stakeholders in your response —authors, publishers, libraries, bookstores, schools and readers. What are the pros and cons as you see them?

I think copies of textbooks should be available online. It would prevent a lot of waste in my opinion. It would also conserve a lot of energy, which would be good for everyone. Unfortunately the way our economic system works, there should be a charge for the textbooks. But since the majority of the money for processing a normal textbook isn’t used, the price should be much lower. I think determination of the cost is simple. They should cut out what they spent on making the textbook. And I can even think of a way for textbooks to be free online. The company can post the textbook with advertisements on the web page. That way they are still making money while providing a much needed product for free.

I don’t believe there are any cons for the reader or the school, just pros. They are getting a cheap, maybe even free product and learning on top of that. Now there could be a con for the author and the publisher, and if there is a con, they both can bounce back to their old ways of business. The only way this fails for them is by not making enough money. I personally think the accessibility of the textbook will only make the publishers and authors more popular and prosperous. Now I believe libraries and bookstores would take the biggest hit from this switch, especially if the textbooks were free and the publishers were successful producing it for free. Libraries and bookstores would have be innovative to keep up with technology.

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