Week 5: Discussion Questions

• If you were to start a magazine, what kind would you launch?
I would start a men’s magazine.
• Who would be your audience, and who would be your advertisers?
My target audience would be men in the 18-54 range. My advertisers would be products that men buy; alcohol, shaving equipment, cologne, food.
• Would you use multiple platforms, or publish solely in print, online or on device technology?
I would definitely use multiple platforms. I would like to go as far as technology would take me.
• What sort of multimedia capabilities would you include, and how might you distinguish it from current publications?
I would want the magazine to be as interactive as possible. Maybe have an online poll on who the target audience wants the next op-ed piece to be on (celebrity/athlete). Online I would have links for the advertisers just like the video we saw in class.
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