Week 6: Discussion Questions

• Explain the term “file sharing” and how it has affected the economy of the music industry.

File sharing is exactly what it sounds like. It is “sharing” or distributing files of digitally stored information. File sharing has really hurt the music industry. Music piracy is now the preferred way of getting music. And it is so easy to do it too. Twenty years ago, if someone liked a song but did not want to buy the record or cassette, they would have to copy it straight from the radio. That was pretty difficult especially if the cassette was not ready to go. Now all someone has to do is download a program and search. Sure you can download the song on iTunes, but that costs money. And why would anyone want to spend money on something when they can get the same thing for free?

• Will digitized music spell the end of the major record labels?

I do believe digitized music is the beginning of the end for major record labels. This was bound to happen. Established artist especially have no reason to be locked up with a record label. People already know who they are, so they do not need the record label’s help. Though recently the major record labels have teamed up and try to compete with digitized music, in specific iTunes. They have come out with a new program called Music Unlimited that. This basically allows them to dictate the price, unlike the set price that iTunes has. Record labels have a heart beat, but it doesn’t look good.

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One Response to Week 6: Discussion Questions

  1. Christopher A Fillmore says:

    Anthony, I definately agree that digital music is innovative and it’s a new beginning, but I totally disagree in regards that digital music will create the end to major record labels. I love music, always have and always will. Moreover, I have favorite artists and those artists continue to put out great records. Therefore, when they have a certain amount of consistency I feel like I have to support them monetary wise. When the artists that I truely like drops a cd, I’m buying it with no questions. For example: Lil Wayne (Dwayne Carter) put out the cd Carter I,II, and III which were magnificent, I’m now anticipating the Carter IV because of his works from the others. Basically, you make hot music then consumers will feel like they owe you and purchase your records. In contrast, there are individuals that download everything even if your hot. Point is, is that I feel like it’s necessary to have both digital and major record labels.

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