Week 7: Discussion Questions

In 2007, Radiohead shook up music distribution models by allowing fans to name their price (even free!) for .mp3 downloads on their website. Several bands followed suit, posing the question: How much is a music file worth to you? Would you be willing to pay the artist directly for music – and is it enough incentive to stop you from downloading pirated music?

It will not take much to stop me from illegally downloading music, because I don’t. I would definitely pay an artist directly for their music. The music came from them so they deserve it. A music file’s worth fluctuates. It fluctuates with artist, season, and fan. You can also ask this same question about seeing your favorite artist in concert. One artist may charge $200 a seat while another one charges $30 at the same venue for the same time duration of a show. A person may have gone to both of these concerts and enjoyed them both equally. And that person may not have a problem with the difference in price because he or she enjoys the music.

• Do subscription models for unlimited music, such as Pandora or Rhapsody, make more sense if the end goal is to prevent music piracy? Consider the following stakeholders: Artists, recording companies and fans.

Piracy is pretty hard to police over the internet, that is why I believe this will not work. Though something has to be done about the music piracy, and all piracy for that matter.  It may not be a perfect solution, but it is a start. And the subscription model is better than what was planned before that, and that of course was nothing. They are desperate so if it works and it is a success, great. And if it fails, then it fails. The industry was doomed no matter what. But a failure is still an attempt. The industry should not just give in. The industry has made money off records for over 50 years. This subscription model may lose and fold in the long run, but at least the music industry can say they went down swinging.


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