Week 10 Discussion Questions

How might consolidated ownership of film, TV and other media outlets affect the film industry in particular? What conflicts does film and TV consolidation present; and how might such consolidation impact consumers? Try to present both a positive and negative impact.

The problem for the film industry is that the control is shrinking. When the number of people in charge in film are dwindling that leaves a possibility for good ideas to be lost. But it also could improve the funding for a film too. Studio companies are more prone to putting all their chips into the middle of the table by dishing out tons of cash to hit on a blockbuster. Some times this works and more likely than not the dice rolls snake eyes.  Though Blu-ray sales have done well of late they have not been able to make up for the drastic loss in DVD sales. This is in part to Netflix, OnDemand, and Pay-Per-View. What the industry should do is try to lower the cost of the average movie ticket a couple dollars. In return more people will probably see their movie in the theater, which will make it more likely that they will purchase their movie on Blu-ray or DVD and buy other junk that they assign their brand to.

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