Week 11: Discussion Questions

What is the influence of ratings on television economics, and what influence do they have on television programming? What was the purpose of expanding the tracking service in 2007 and its impact on programming and audience development?

Ratings has all influence television. Ratings decide whether a television show stays or goes. If people do not watch the program, then what purpose does it serve? Ratings dictate revenue from advertising. Advertisers see what is highly rated when it comes to viewers, and then they approach the network that is showing that program to purchase advertisement time during that program’s block. The advertisers pay for the program. If a show is has poor ratings or is controversial, they advertisers will pull away from the program too. I believe that the purpose for Nielsen’s expansion was to get a truer rating. They were missing out on a lot of restaurants, bars, gyms and airports where people watched television for a significant period of time. This would mostly help sporting events because that is what usually dominates the restaurants and bars. Gyms and airports mostly have cable news or ESPN on. I believe this expansion has risen the asking price for advertisement time during sporting events. This system shows that more people are watching, which means more people are witnessing the different commercial. The advertisers would obviously notice this and so do the programmers. The addition of the voice recognition cellphone tracking device Nielsen came up with was brilliant. It is unrecognizable since it is on a cell phone. That helps with the validity of the system and its portability because it is on a cell phone is also great. The voice recognition is the best part. The phone recognizes the program by the audio of it. Now that can cause a problem for a lot of places because they do not put the audio on, but when they do it’s great. The person in possession of the phone does not have to press any buttons, call it in, or do anything to make them look suspicious.

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1 Response to Week 11: Discussion Questions

  1. walt24 says:

    i agree, ratings is what keeps television and radio going. It maintains structure for the media as far as whats hot and whats not for the listeners and viewers.

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