Week 13: Discussion Questions

As times and technologies have changed, TV news journalists are now facing the same challenges as Murrow did – coping with a new medium, the Internet. Can today’s journalists (both TV and Internet) make the same kind of impact as Edward R. Murrow did in radio (and later, television)? What specific challenges does the Internet bring to news journalists? Is there an Internet news organization that you find to have more impact than any of the traditional mediums? If so, detail why; if not, detail why not.

I have no doubt that TV journalists and commentators can make this transition. In fact one could say that the transition has already been made. Many television commentators have their shows posted online, and have been able to for quite some time now. Many have been blogging and tweeting as well. Anderson Cooper and Rachel Maddow are two examples that come to mind of whom have made this transition. Grant it, neither one really had to make a hard transition since neither are old-timers or something, but both have their cable shows posted on the web. They both have blogs in which they constantly update and both tweet daily from their twitter accounts. Demographics show that both of these journalist/commentators are very very popular with younger viewers, and I believe they are because of how they use the internet. I believe the biggest challenge for television journalists is to more or less understand these new mediums for themselves. There are plenty that would like to remain ignorant with the power of the internet, like they believe it is some kind of fad. They need to understand that making the jump will most likely prolong their career. I think that the Huffington Post is the Beatles of Internet News. The Huffington Post is huge. I believe they are just as big and have as much of an impact as any news paper or news organization in the country. They have many writers, columnists and commentators that contribute. They also post news stories from the AP and Reuters. AOL acquired the Huffington Post back in February for $315 million just to merge with them. A recent estimation shows that Huffington Post has a base of 270 million people around the world.

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