Week 15: Discussion Questions

List and explain three ways the Internet has changed consumers’ news habits. Will these trends continue, and how do they fit in with how you view news and information on the Internet?

Internet has made people want news faster than ever. Before, we thought television gave instantaneous information, but the Internet has television beat in regards of speed. Internet has also shortened the attention span of news readers/listeners. They no longer have the time or the will to read or listen to everything. On the Internet people search for specific news and that is what they read. On a program or a newspaper a person has weed out the stuff they do not care about. This have essentially given newspapers and radio a backseat to the Internet. Also some people do not even get their news from news corporations anymore. Some people read them off Twitter feeds, Facebook posts or blogs. This includes myself. I read blogs and Twitter feeds all the time. I still go to major news organization’s websites too.

I believe this trend will continue. Once people have it easier, they do not want to change back to the old ways. I do not think this is the end of news corporations. I believe they will evolve with the times. News corporations has transitioned from print, to radio, then to television. It survived those three obstacles, so I undoubtedly think they will be capable of making the transition to the Internet just fine.

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