Media Journal, Part 5

I cannot really pick out an actual show that does not provide stereotyping. 30 Rock on NBC over stereotypes to mock stereotyping. The writers for 30 Rock know that their that audience is intelligent and they use this for an underlying satire for the show. Which for me makes the show even funnier. Liz Lemmon is a writer for a struggling TGS show on NBC. They make it seem like writers do not have lives outside of work or that they are so pathetically comfortable at where their life is they do not want to be better. Jack Donaghey is the head of NBC programming . His character is ultra big business, obsessed with rising to the top, and completely self loathing and narccistic. Tracy Jordan and Jenna Maroney are actors on TGS that are obsessed with their own stardom. Tracy portrays the dumb comedian that does whatever he wants with no reproccusions but for some reason is always beloved. Viewers and the media believe he can do no wrong. Jenna will do whatever she can to be noticed. She does not care how be people percieve her, just as long people percieve her in the first place. She wants the attention Tracy gets, but has to work so much harder for it because Tracy gets attention naturally. She, like Jack, is completely narccistic. 30 Rock portrays these characters in extreme versions of what their character would be like in real life. And I believe that they do this because they know that their audience can see through the stereotypes and understand it to a way in which it is not offensive to anyone.

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